Carryminati Released its Latest Rap Song Yalgaar on Youtube

We all know the Controversy Youtube Vs TikTok and the whole story, Now after the long break, Ajay Nagar aka Carryminati is back with his New Rap song Yalgaar which he posted on youtube On Friday. After the deletion of this Video From youtube, carry got do emotional and takes a long break from everything and now he is back with his new video.

carryminati is Number 2 Most Subscribed YouTuber in India o About 20.2 Million Subscribers after the Amit Badana

It was all worth wait for the fans and people who were missing carryminati, He also Said that he Break all the contacts even he was not answering any calls and Messages.

What is the Video all about

Its a Music Video in which carry Sings a rap song, the lyrics are so damn Impressive and the music is Also good. Basically the Music Video is for those who target him in the controversy.TheMusic video started with the lyrics – “Ek Kahani jo sabko sunani hai” in which carry Tell people how People targeted him and in the last, he also Adds some of the People in the video that how these people back steeped him and target him the video ends with Carry Roast Karega. The Video is Composed and produced by the Carry’ brother Wily Frenzy.

Youtube Vs TikTok Controversy

The Controversy started when Tiktok fame Amir Siddiqui frame Very YouTuber and saying their Contact is Useless and Cringe and the controversy starts from there the youtube was full of a video about Youtube Vs TikTok and then carryminati Posted a Video in which Amir Siddiqui Was Roasted By carryminati.

The Video name was – Youtube Vs TikTok The end and it becomes most liked Nonmusic video on youtube but Unfortunately the video gets removed from youtube because it was Violating the Terms and Services of the youtube and this makes the thing more worst some said the Youtube Deleted the videos because Carry Insults the Amir Siddiqui. The messed up controversy is still on fire so lest see what will happen next.

Yaalgar Becomes a massive Internet trend

After the Few Hours of Video Posted on youtube, the internet is on Fire and carminative Yalgaar become massive Internet Trend in an Hour, People Were waiting for this song so eagerly and wanted to know what carry will do make this thing stop.

What will be the Next Move of Carryminati after Yalgaar

we can say this will be the last move of carryminati in this controversy Youtube vs TikTok, maybe from now, you will see Carryminati again Playing and streaming video games and comes up with the new video on youtube. He is the biggest Indian youtube Sensation Love by many people in India we all love him and many people want him back to his Routes like playing video games and streaming as he already said Carry roast krega so maybe he comes up with the new video for his fans and maybe he becomes no 1 Youtuber in coming days.


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