Healthy Tips for acidity: Do not eat these 7 things, if you have excess acidity

Acidity is a stomach related problem, which creates a strong burning sensation in the upper part of the stomach. It always moves towards your esophagus and mouth. In this, the acid formed in the stomach moves towards the upper part of the body, which left with high or low pain.

Often people are in confusion by understanding it as a pain in the heart attack. The reason for this problem is to use your bad habit of eating food.

Not everyone suffers from the problem of acidity or gastric trouble. Those with the sensitive stomach may have a problem. So, people, you must sniff the food if it’s a day old or the raw vegetable you are about to cook isn’t kept too many days in the refrigerator.

Also skipping meals can cause serious trouble. You must drink ample of water to avoid the problem created by the acids secreted within. Certain juices that are citric must be avoided especially empty stomach.

Healthy Tips for acidity / Avoid 7 foods

Red meat

Protein is abundant in red meat. It is beneficial if it is eaten in small quantity. Apart from this, those who have acid reflux problems should not eat it. Get more health tips for healthy living. Purins found in meat increases your acid by affecting your digestive system.


Coffee is the most commonly used beverage in the world. It contains high amounts of anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals, due to which it is beneficial for health. However, those who suffer from acid reflux should not consume as it contains caffeine which is responsible to increase acid. For controlling the acid flow, this substance acts like a Relaxant, which makes the acid easily come in the mouth.

Tin Foods and Processed Meat

These substances are always bad for the digestive system and especially for those who have an acid reflux problem. The amount of sodium in it is very high, causing unconsciousness in the stomach and acts to increase the acid to the esophagus. On the other hand, due to the saturated fat in it, you may also have metabolic problems. Click here for health tips for acidity.

Spicy Spices

Consuming spicy spices is one of the major cause of acid reflux problems. Sometimes Acidity also creates gastric mucosa. Although consuming in less amount does not make any problems. But it is harmful to those who have the acid reflux problem. Overall, the consumption of these spicy spices should be reduced.


By consuming enough amount of chocolate every day, your body receives essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. However, people who have the stomach problem, may not consume chocolate or consume less. It contains caffeine, fat, and theobromine which work to increase the acid out of the stomach.

Oily/fried foods

By consuming fried foods you increase the likelihood of many problems related to your stomach because it contains trans fat, some chemicals, and salts. Along with this, they change the pH of the stomach, which causes acid reflux problems.

Eating these substances also has a negative impact on the body’s inflammation process, which increases the pressure of the stomach.

Refined/Processed Food

Processed bread and bakery products have refined flour scan which is not good at all for your health. First of all, it creates acidic environments in the stomach and esophagus.

Additionally, it does the inflammation in tissues. Carbohydrate present in it works to increase blood glucose levels. So eat them in the right amount.

However, this problem may also occur due to your digestive tract and an esophagus. It is not a very dangerous disease, yet its treatment is necessary because many other diseases take birth due to the gastric problem.

Our deep discussion results in the conclusion that we should avoid certain food items to stop/cure acidity problem. Read more health tips @ FITLIFEPEDIA.

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