Best Songs of "The Local Train"-

Best Songs of “The Local Train”. The Local Train Top 7 Songs {Updated}

Today we have brought The Local Train Songs Collection for Song Lovers. The local train has ruled everyone’s hearts today. They started in Delhi, which is known by the whole country today and the youth of the country love their songs very much. When it comes to rock music and the name of the local train does not come, it cannot happen. This band is very famous. Today we have brought the top seven songs of the band which you will like very much. If you are already listening to their songs, then you will all know how powerful their songs are which can fit in anyone’s mind. And if you have not heard their songs yet, then this article is for you only. You can listen to all the songs of the direct local train from here and can also watch the video. For more information, you can read this article completely and get complete information.

Best Songs of "The Local Train"-

Best Songs of “The Local Train”-

The journey of the local train is very old. In 2008, both Negi and Mehra used to jam. And people liked the music produced at that time. He then formed a band. Then a few years later Negi and Mehra met Sahil Sarin and joined him in the band. These three met in 2011 with Paras Thakur, who is playing the lead guitar player in the band. An interesting story for The Local Train Fans is that their song had come before the name of The Local Train. Whose name was ‘Choo Lo’ it was a song recorded for the demo. Then it was uploaded unknowingly, which went viral. Then he changed the name of his YouTube channel to The Local Train which people liked very much. They made songs and shared them with people on all the experiences that they had in their songs, from breaking up to fights, to the ups and downs in life. People also supported them fully and today they are a well known band of the country.

Best Songs of "The Local Train"

The Local Train Top 7 Songs-

#1. Dil Mere
#2. Choo Lo
#3. Aaftaab
#4. Aaoge Tum Kabhi
#5. Dilnawaz
#6. Khudi
#7. Mere Yaar

#1 The Local Train – Dil Mere (Official)

#2 The Local Train: Choo Lo (Home Demo)

#3 The Local Train – Aaftaab (Official Audio)

#4 The Local Train – Aaoge Tum Kabhi (Official)

#5 The Local Train – Dilnawaz (Official)

#6 The Local Train – Khudi (Official)

#7 The Local Train – Mere Yaar (Official Audio)


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