If this kind of odor comes from your body, then you are going to be the victim of this disease

Summer days are hot days as we all know. Countries and cities near the equator tend to be even hotter. People living in such countries are exposed to sun more.

Exposed to hot climate our body reacts with heating up. As a result, maintaining the optimum temperature, the body sweats which is a very natural process.

Sometimes due to dirt, pollution, some bacteria catch up with sweat and form an unbearable smell, odor. There are many ways to kill the odor from the body naturally.

But, what if a pungent odor from a particular part of your body doesn’t go away? Is it the sign of some kind of illness or some kind of infectious disease?

Since body always reacts to foreign containment which we might not consider. These signals must not be taken for granted rather understand what your body demands.

और पढ़िए – हरे मटर खाने के फायदे

Knowing sign of disease by odor from a certain part of the body

Odor in breathing, a sign of diabetes

The problem of diabetes is called diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). When the level of insulin and blood sugar decreases in the body, then the problem of diabetes occurs. Due to the formation of ketones in the blood, smells like fruit started in the breath. This may be another reason for this.

Odor comes from legs may result in foot infection

The reason for legs odor is due to the fungal infections in the legs. If the toes of your feet get drier and if the layers of the skin are leaving, then your feet may have a ringworm. Feet odor starts due to bacteria and fungal infections in the skin of the feet.

So, proper cleaning of the feet and washing them before sleep is necessary.

Odor in stool is a reason for indigestion due to lactose

When an enzyme called lactose is insufficient or lacking in our small intestine, it might get difficult for the intestinal juices to digest the dairy products.

Instead of the bloodstream, the lesser quantity produced of lactose is directly transferred to the colon promoting bacteria to function. The bacteria present in the stomach makes stool odor more provocative.

Urine Odor may be the reason for UTI

When a bacteria called e-coli goes into the urinary tract and urethral, then Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) emits a sharp odor like a chemical. There can be more reasons for bad odor in urine like the bladder infection, Dehydration, Metabolic Disorder.

Breath Odor can cause sleep apnea

A kind of smell in the mouth in the morning is natural because of bacteria accumulation in teeth and tongue. But unbearable smell can result in the sleep apnea. So following a dental care, by brushing teeth at night may resolve such problem.

The second reason for being sleep apnea is that due to excessive smoking, its odor reaches breath through the mouth while sleeping, causing the mouth to become more dry, which causes problems of odor in breathing.

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