Repatriation Flight

Indigo Comes up with its New Repatriation Flight – 6 Special Charters

Repatriation Flight: The Indigo is Handling the Six New Special International charter Flights for the Indians who want to come back to India. There will be a Repatriation from countries like Oman, Maldives, and UAE. These Repatriation Flights are Operating from June to bring the Indians Back to The country.

According to the authorities the flight Has Come Back from taking abut 1,022 Indian citizens back to Indian Which includes 510 Citizens from Muscat, 170 From UAE and 342 Citizens From Maldives and more will Come Soon.

As there will be More Flights added soon to make this Process Fast and Indians can Come India Back. As govt is also thinking to Engage with Some Private Airlines Services to Bring Indian s Home Back, So let’s hope for the best.

Is this Part of Vande Bharat Mission

No, these flights are Special Charter Flights and Not a Part of the Vande Bharat Mission, these are the private Charter Flights which is Evacuating the Citizens from Different Countries to Indian and According to the Indigo Spoke Person, the More Flights will be added Soon for th Citizen Stuck in Other Countries.

What is Vande Bharat Mission?

The mission Was Started on 7th of May 2020, Its the mission By the Indian government to bring back the Indians Across the Word Since the lockdown was Announced in March 2020. In this, the Air Indian will operate the 300 Flights which will fly To many Countries around the world and Besides Air India Other Private Airlines will also offering the Services to the Govt so maybe you can see some more Airlines part of the Vande Bharat Mission in their Next Phase.

Government Will Start Another Phase of the Vande Bharat Mission Soon

According to the sources, the Government is likely to Engage with the Private  Airlines Flights to Evacuate the Indians From the Regions of the Middle East. It will be another Phase of the Vande Bharat Mision. There are many Private Airlines That offer Services for the Evacuation like IndiGo, GoAir, SpiceJet, and Vistara, and more Airlines Services.

Indigo Flights that Used in the Repatriation – Details

We have added the details of the passengers, Flights, and Date Below

Date Flights Citizens Destination
June 3 and June 4 6E 9092 171 Male to Delhi
June 4 6E 9174 170 Dubai to Delhi
June 5 6E 9235 167 Muscat to Lucknow
June 5 6E 9972 166 Muscat to Gaya

These are the Details In which indigo Flights have Evacuate the Indian Citizens from Different Places in the world and take them back safely to India. As there will be More Flgjts which will be added Throughout June.

People Started running online campaigns

There so many People In India Who started an Online campaign to Make Flights return Home as there are the Many States Who becomes Non -responsive in this situation as Thousand of People Requesting the State govt to approve the Flights to their state so that they can Go to their Homes. Maybe running these campaigns will help them and or Maybe Some State will allow Airlines Services and Repatriation Flight.

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