PUBG PC Free on Steam

PUBG PC Free on Steam – Now Pubg free to play On Steam till 8th June 2020

The official Creators Of PUBG Pc Have Declared that Everyone can play the PUBG PC on Steam, yeah You Heard it Right PUBG PC Free on Steam, The Creators Have Announced this news on 4th of June that pubg free to play on Steam from 4th of June to 8th of June this means the users can Install it and Play it for free.

PUBG PC Free on Steam

The news was announced on the social Media Handle of the PUBG and you can also Get the game with 50 Percent Discount like if you want to purchase the game you can get it in 499 INR Permanently, But you cant Access the PUBG Store that the only limitation you will find in the Weekend.

Why PUBG make this Move

Due to the Spread of the virus  – Coronavirus / COVID 19 they wanted to Pople stay in their homes and also they wrote the hashtag of the #PlayApartTogether. From this, people can play their Favourite game. This Weekend will be a blessing fo the gamers as they can play the game for free as well as they can also Purchase the game at half of the original Price.

What about Other Platforms

This will be the bad news for the Console Players, as the PUBG PC is only available to free for the PC user there is no Free PUBG Steam Available for the consoles Players. If you want to play games on Xbox or Playstation you can t play it for free or Can’t even get the discount. This Thing is only for the PC Users.

What about the New PUBG PC update 7.2

Recently PUBG PC Released their New Patch update 7.2 for the PC users as the updates have lost of Changes and new things mainly you will find the new things in the Vikendi Map. The Updates Includes Several things like  –

  •  New Ranked mode
  •  Now you can see Bots in the match
  • new Adjustments of Weapons
  • Now vest will also be Used for Storing Things
  • More loot
  • No Crossbow
  • Now you cant Find the motor Glider
  • No Red Zone
  • Gas Can is available in Melee Weapon Slot

PUBG PC Free on Steam

What is New Ranked Mode in this PUBG PC Update

In this mode, the Player Will Face the Ranked Increment and Decrement if you Perform well in the Match your Rank will Increase and if you Perform Bad your Rank will be Decrease. In the match of Ranked Mode, there will be a total of 64 Players and you can Play Squad, Solo and even 3 Players Together as a Team,

You can play the Ranked Matches in 3 of the maps of the PUBG PC that is Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. It’s a 7th Season of the Game and each season will come up with new Features and Updates.

Although PUBG is Our Most Favourite game now Whether it is PUBG PC or PUBG Mobile the game has An Nother Charm which Attracts the Gamers Towards Itself. So be Safe and play the game and compete with your friends in the game.

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