New Chairman of WHO

New Chairman of WHO Takes Charge – Harsh Vardhan New Chairman of WHO Board

Our Union Health Minister Mr. Harsh Vardhan is a New Chairman of WHO, On Friday he took Charge as a WHO Executive Board’s Chairman, He Was nominated on the Tuesday in 194-nation World Health Assembly, The post if the Chairman Rotate once in a year and It was Decide last year by the WHO’s South-East Asia group that Indian Normine for the WHO Chairman from India.

WHO 147 Session for the Chairperson

It was the 147 Session of the WHO in which Mr. Harsh Vadhan was Elected as the Chairman of the WHO and the session was Held Virtually. During the meeting, MrHarsh Vardhan Give tribute to the people who have lost their Livs due to coronavirus Pandemic  and he also Requested to the dignitaries present in the meeting to give a Standing ovation to the Coronavirus Warriors and all Health Workers out there,

Contribution to other Services of WHO

Mr. Hasha Vardhan has also been a Member of Several WHO Comitees Like

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Global Technical Consultative Group
  • He was Also an Advisor to WHO

New Chairman of WHO

What is the Function of the Chairman in WHO

As here is Several Works Done by the Chairman of WHO but the main things is he have to make Policies and Give Decision in the Health Assemblies and Assist and Advice to the people for Work

What Mr. Harsh Vardhan Said

After he Takes Charge as the WHO Chairman he said I m taking charge of this pandemic situation in Between the crisis and if we talk about the coming days there will so many health challenges we have to face and all those Challenges will demand the Equal and Shared Response to Defeat this Virus.

About COVID 19 In the Nation

He said the During this pandemic we have only 3 % of Mortality in the nation around 0.1 Cases of Coronavirus in the country and he also said that they are about 40 % recovery rate in India and the Doubling rate is 13 days.

WHO Executive Board Details

There are about 34 Members in the WHO Executive Board and all the members are experts in the field of Health and Medical Services, The members of this Board are nominated for 3-year Terms.

he meeting happened Generally in January and In may after the Meeting after the Health Assembly and board Meets Twice a year. The Mains Meeting happens In January only and other Policies and Decision were taken in July.

Coronavirus Cases in India

There is about more than 68,000 Active cases in India with 48,533 People Recovered from this coronavirus . On Friday India Have the Biggest Increment of about 6000 Cases of coronavirus and more than 3000 People Died from this deadly Virus.

In the last, We all hope for the best Maybe this Change Will Bring Some relaxation in the Nation, and maybe Some Ray of hope comes for us. Coronavirus is Deadly virus and we should Take it Seriously, We must follow all the precautions and Social Distancing and We must be Prepare Mentally for this Deadly Virus as everything will be Fine soon.

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