Lockdown 5.0

Is India Ready For the Lockdown 5.0 – What Will be the Situation After 31st May

We all are House Arrest from March in its a 4 Phase of the Lockdown which will be End on the 31st May 2020. Now After almost 2 Months of Lockdown now Central government Will Leave all the Things on the state and Union government. If there will be Lockdown 5.0, if there will be Lockdown 5.0 all the Responsibility will be on the Shoulder of state Government. We have to wait maybe the Central government will issue some notice Regarding the Lockdown 5.0.

The State Government have to make their Own Curbs, Restriction list, and have to manage all the things in the state, The Central Government will still assist the States.

Opening of Schools and Flight Routes

Some of the state Governments are ready to Release the Restriction for the Schools and Flight Route Opening and some of them are opposing this to not Open the schools and the Flights routine, They still want the restriction in the state to control the situation of th Pandemic. We can say there will some Curbs in both School Reopening and Flight Routes opening.

Lockdown 5.0

Central guideline for the Lockdown 5.0

As now there are No guidelines issued by the central government for the Lockdown 5.0, The Central government leaves all the Responsibility on State Government as they are responsible for the States. If they want to Impose full Lockdown they can or if they want to Leave State in the curbs all will be on the State Government but Still, Central Govenemtr Will assist all the Advice and policies in the nation, Still, Centre Will Be Assist the Smaller Activities which cant be Allowed Nationally.

Other Things By center government

According to the sources the Central government is thinking to Open the malls but the things are The Shops and Market will be Open before the malls as Shops and markets should be Given some Time to settled their sales. on the other hand, The Government is Discussing over the restaurants and hotels that whether they should Start Dine-in Service or not, Or maybe State Government should take care of this.

International Flights and Schools

According to the sources, the International Flights cant is Fly Before the July and the Institutes and Colleges must be started their Online Studies and teaching as they have to wait more maybe it will take August to reopen the schools and Colleges across the nation.

Pandemic Effect in India

Due to the rise in cases, there are So many things which affected most the first thing is the economy of India, The Services are till not active In the nation but the Government is trying to make them active. The government is also thinking for the Home Quarantine as due to shortage of Beds and rising cases Home Quarantine will be good. The Severe Cases Will be Operate in hospitals.

In the last, We All hope for the Best, Maybe some Magic Happen and We all get rid of this Virus, As many Doctors are Trying to make the Coronavirus Vaccines Around the World.

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