Lockdown 4.0

Lockdown 4.0 and the Lockdown 4.0 Guidelines – What will change from May 18th

The Lockdown 4.0 Guidelines will be released soon as Our Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah organized the meeting with the officers and maybe there will be some relaxation in the Green Zones. The Lockdown 3.0 will be Completed on the 17th of May and now its turn for the Starting of the Lockdown 4.0 in the nation. We all are in lockdown from February as this Coronavirsu Cirisi breaking us Mentally and Physically although this Lockdown helping us to be safe at our home.

Lockdown 4.0

Lockdown 4.0 Guidelines Announcement

Before the announcement of the Lockdown 4.0 Guidelines organized the meeting and The meeting was with some Officers and the meeting was Hours long as it was the last day for the advice asked by our Prime Minister from States Chief Ministers.

Lockdown 4.0 Strategy Discussion

The Meeting was Held for the Strategy used by States during this Lockdown and to Beat the coronavirus in the nation. Th meeting was Held on 18th of may By Mr. Amit Shah and now after the suggestions and bits of Advice, the Guidelines will be Announced by Home Ministry soon.

What will be New in this Lockdown 4.0?

According to the sources, The Main thing which was discussed was th economy of the nation, The Guidelines will be in the Favor of Labourers of India like maybe there will be Increment in those TrainsWho Taking Labourers to their Home, Another thing is maybe Some Airlines routes Will be Active. The Industries in green Zones will be Active.

More things are –

  •  There will be Permission for the Transportation and the Business in the Green Zones Areas
  • Lockdown 4.0 will Focus on the Economy of the nation
  • There will be Some Relaxation to states by the central government
  • Center is thinking to Active some Airline Domestic Route be active from 18th of May 2020
  • There will be No Announcement Regarding the passenger trains.

 No Complete Withdrawal of the Lockdown in the states

As many of the States are agree not To Withdraw the complete Lockdown as this lockdown is helping many states to recover from the Coronavirus Crisis all are asking for some Relaxation in the state. There will be Relaxation in the Green Zones, Some Curbs in the Orange Zone, and the Complete restricts in the read Zones where the Coronavirus Cases are high. As Final Guidelines will be issued Tomorora by the central Government

Lockdown 4.0 new Rules and Guidelines

  •  Schools, Colleges, Malls, Cinema halls are not allowed to be open in the country but maybe Barbershops, Saloons will Get Some relaxation and they will be open in red Zones but with some Precautions and  Social Distancing, measures will be taken.
  • Services may be Open in Some Areas but with the permission of State Government.
  • MAybe  E-Commerce Website can sell Items in th Red Zones.
  • Vehicles can be allowed for Permitted activities (2 Passengers only) in red zones
  • Agriculuture activities will be permitted
  • Animal Husbandry including Fisheries will be permitted
  • IT Services, Print Media, Call centers, Cold Storage, Warehouse Servicing, private Security and Services provide by Self Employed PErson will be Permitted

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