Latest Health Gadgets For You To Keep Fit And Youthful

Health Gadgets

Life without gadgets seems to be incomplete. We are all surrounded by gadgets everywhere. In this developing market every day a new gadget is launched to make our lives more easy and convenient. Especially health sector is filled with a lot of gadgets like a smartwatch, smart refrigerator, pulse checker, UV sensor and many more.

This year some more gadgets have been launched and some waiting to be launched next year in the field of health as well as beauty. Le’s view the list:

  • A UV Sensor (3.5 rates)

An UltraViolet detector to be launched by the makeup brand company L’oreal. This small equipment helps to detect your exposure duration to sunlight that can cause damage to your skin. The estimated Price would be less or $40.

  • A Freemie Liberty (4.5 rates)

A breast milk pumping machine launched in March is a pumping machine that lets pump in your asleep with its timer. its Estimated cost is around $300.

  • GPS Tracking Smart Watch (4.5 rates)

Garmin Forerunner has launched a smartwatch with the physical buttons along with touch screen like other smartwatches. It has the capacity to store 500 songs along with the GPS feature. The price f this smart GPS tracker watch is $450.

  • Samsung Smart Refrigerator (3.8 rates)

Inbuilt with the application(Deal App) to show the grocery deals along with the recipes accordingto the family’s taste and preference. The Samsung Family Hub smart fridge with a camera inside it shows the ingredients inside your fridge.

  • Smart Toilet (2.9 rates)

The self-temperature adjuster for feet and the glute along with the air drying, odor control feature with air drying and night light mode Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet has bidet cleansing with automatic flushing facility.

  • Just Tracking Heart Rate (3.9 rates)

With tracking the heart rate i.e; tracking blood pressure of a person costs as that of an Apple watch. The Omron HeartGuide smart watch tracks fitness and is about $349.

  • Mini Mirror (3.4 rates)

A smart Mirror for your face that records the analysis of the skin along with the products you use. The HiMirror Mini also suggest the skin care techniques and is to be launched soon.

  • Sleep Pad (3 rates)

Nokia has launched a $100 sleep pad that records your deep sleep, sleep duration, snoring along with improvising techniques in sleeping.

  • The Luna Face brush (5 rates)

Sonic brush for face has been launched by the Foreo UFO as the first ever of its kind. Its a combination of LED light therapy, thermo-therapy and “T-Sonic” pulsations which will be used in the face treatment.

These gadgets especially the GPS tracker is trending for the fitness freaks. The Freemie Liberty has given the solution to the very old problem with the women post-natal of excessive milk extraction.

Also, a revolutionary sonic brush for the best ever treatment of the skin has been launched by the Foreo UFO which is again a must try.

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