Do you have a kidney stone? So take care of these 5 things

Stone appearing in any part of the body can be vexing. Since the symptoms aren’t understood until the pain increases with the duration. Kidney Stone is one such problem that is alarming for the people with dietary issues, obesity, dehydration and many more.

Since every organ is important and plays a vital role in our body. Kidneys are the organ that eliminates the waste and the toxins out of the body to keep it fit and healthy. Imagine, life without kidneys is a life with toxins and waste within.

The importance of kidneys can be estimated from the fact that it is difficult for a person to survive without this organ, which acts as a blood filter. If you want to always be healthy then care of kidney is very important. The body of the kidneys is located just below the ribs in the middle of the back of our body. Their size is equal to our fists and they look like Rajma or Kidney Beans.

A kidney stone is a major disease

When the kidneys filter the blood, the remaining particles of minerals, including sodium and calcium. It reaches the bladder through the ureter, which emits from the body with urine.

But when the amount of these elements increases in the blood sometimes, they accumulate in the kidneys and take shape like sand particles or pieces of stone, and this leads to blockage in the way of reaching urine to the bladder.

Symptoms of kidney deterioration

The kidney is the most important part of our body. Although naturally, kidneys are very strong limbs. But many times we stay in confusion with kidney problems due to some of our mistakes and negligence or improper knowledge.

Whenever a problem arises in someone’s kidney, their symptoms clearly appear in the body. It is a different matter that the person ignores them in an unknown way and sometimes due to negligence.

Pain in the stomach, frequent urination, pain in urinating, bleeding with urination, high fever, lack of appetite, and restlessness are the main symptoms of kidney damage.

. We share health tips for securing your life and turn your life more healthier.

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Treatment of Kidney Stones

Many times medicines also not able to correct the problem of kidney stone. But if the problem is not serious then medicines can easily cure the problem. Despite this, the amount of calcium in the kidneys is more frequent.

Following are the ways to avoid kidney stones:

  • Drink excess quantity of water
    Water dissolves those substances present in the urine that produce stones. Drink so much water every day that gives you 2 liters of Urine Drinking some sour drinks like lemonade and orange juice can also help you. The citrate present in these beverages helps prevent the formation of stones.

  • Take calcium
    By intake of low calcium, the level of oxalate can increase, which can lead to kidney stones. To prevent this, take the amount of calcium needed by your age. Try to get calcium from foodstuff because some studies suggest that calcium supplements may also cause stones.
  • Lower sodium
    High sodium diet can make kidney stones because it increases the amount of calcium in your urine. Therefore, to reduce kidney stones, reduce the amount of sodium in your diet. According to the current guidelines, daily sodium intake should be limited to 2,300 milligrams. If you have already had kidney stones from sodium, then try to reduce the daily intake of sodium by 1500 milligrams.
  • Limit animal protein
    Eating foods such as red meat, chicken, eggs, and seafood increases uric acid levels, which can lead to kidney stones. Higher levels of protein are also lower than citrate (a chemical present in the urine which prevents the formation of the stone).
  • Do not take foods that make stones
    Beetroot, chocolate, spinach, red chutney (one type of fruit), tea and oats in most nuts and cola contains phosphate which both form the calculus. If you are suffering from stomach problems then your doctor may advise you to avoid these foods or take them in small quantities.

Some studies have shown that men who take a high dose of Vitamin C as supplements are more at risk of kidney stones. This can be because the body turns vitamin C into oxalate.

Due to which the stones become tough and we need surgery to remove them. However, nowadays many new techniques like laparoscopy, ureteroscopy have been developed besides surgery, with the help of which the stone can be easily removed and the patient has no problem.

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