How to hack a password box?

How to hack a password box? । hack an HTML login form । Hacking Facebook Password Box

With all of us it happens very often that we forget our passwords on a website and the next time we visit that website, we find out that the browser has saved the password. We can see the save password by going into settings with a long process. So today we have come up with an easy way for you, so that you will be able to easily see your saved password on any website without any hassle. You can read our full blog to hack the password box. Here we have given you all kinds of information related to hacking passwords, which you can get.

How to hack a password box?

How to hack a password box?

To hack any passwordbox, you can follow the steps given below, with the help of these steps you will be able to see any password. With the help of this trick, you will also be able to see those passwords which are not saved in the browser and have been inputted by the user. This trick is very easy which you can use once you follow it through our step and next time you will be able to use them without these steps.

Hacking Facebook Password Box – Instagram, Gmail, Skype

The special thing about this trick is that you can see the password of any website like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Photos, Skype, Hangout, etc. This problem comes in front of all of us when we live on more than one platform and have different passwords, we all forget these passwords sometimes, but it is always saved in our browser and when Even if we login with the browser, the browser helps us to login. But if we want to login to another device and PC, then we are not able to do it because passwords are not remembered. So today we have come up with a trick to solve this same problem so that you will be able to see the saved password in your browser without following your operating system password and following the long steps. The steps are given below.

Hacking a password box Steps

  • Right-click anywhere on the window and select Inspect Element at the bottom.
  • Now a inspect window will open in front of you.
  • Now you have to find the <input> input element of the password box.
  • You can also search for the <input> element by selecting the ‘Select an element on the page to inspect it’ option in the top left corner on the Inspect window inside the Chrome browser, or you can also use Ctrl+Shift+C.
  • Now double click on the highlighted text type = “password”
  • Now you have to type type=”text” instead of type=”password”
  • Click the enter button and you will now be able to see your password as if it were a simple password box.

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