Drink this 12 kinds of juice to get relief from the dengue fever

Symptoms of chikungunya and dengue fever are almost the same, but dengue is more dangerous than chikungunya.

However, the pain caused by chikungunya can remain for many years. Chikungunya occurs from 1 to 12 days, but its symptoms are present in the body for many days, such as joint pain remains for several days.

While dengue lasts for 3 to 7 days but weakness in dengue is very high because in this disease platelets constantly fall in the body. At the same time, the temperature in the normal fever is controlled and the joint does not have pain.

Chikungunya has the fever, joints pain, headache and problems in the eyes, while in dengue the rations are reduced on the body and the eyes also have less effect. In normal fever, only the body temperature increases and you may also have a cough.

Dengue Fever: It is a natural matter of having an epidemics in a country like India. In winter and summer season, there are many insects that spread the disease. From a long period, all tropical countries have been fighting a war against these insects like mosquitoes, spreading the disease.

Juices for dengue fever

1. Giloy (Tinospora) Juice:

There are many ayurvedic benefits of Giloy Juice. It is helpful in removing high fever. The main advantage of consuming Giloy juice is that it helps improve the blood platelets in the body that help fight the foreign contaminant.

2. Aloe vera juice:

Amino acids are very important for increasing platelet count. And if we drink Aloe vera juice, then we get more than sufficient amount of it. Aloe vera Is known for its beneficial properties for body and skin that helps slow down the progress of the virus.

3. Amla juice:

Amla juice filled with Vitamin C helps relieve the fever by promoting anti-bodies in the body and foe better immunity.

4. Papaya leaf juice:

Papaya contains a lot of vitamins and minerals which increase the platelet count of the body and also increase the immunity. Grinding the leaves of papaya with water. Eating 4 to 5 tbsp each day provides relief from fever.

5. Pomegranate juice:

Pomegranate juice contains all the anti-oxidants which are effective in increasing platelet count. These juices increase lymphocytes in the body which help fight infections and increase immunity. Grinding a cup of pomegranate in two cups of water gives more benefit.

6. Basil juice:

Tulsi is worshipped in our country, which has many medicinal properties. It helps in fighting dengue and improving immunity. Make a paste of basil leaves and mix it with water and you will get relief.

7. Guava juice:

Vitamin A present in the guava accelerates recovery of the body. By providing Vitamin C, immunity present in it prevents infections and prevents dehydration. By taking two guava leaves, cutting it into small pieces, grinding it with water gives relief by drinking it.

8. Carrot, gourd and lemon juice:

Carrot contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and gourd in the lemon completes the lack of liquid in the body. Grind all these vegetables and mix it in water and filter it. Consuming twice a day will give relief.

9. Neem leaf juice:

Neem is the most immune-giving plant. It protects from infections by increasing the body’s white blood cells. Grind neem leaves and make a paste and take it twice a day with water. It provides relief in dengue.

10. Barley Grass Juice:

By continuously consuming barley grass, the body gets plenty of nutrients and it also provides strength to fight infections. It detoxifies the toxic substances of the body and decontaminates it.

11. Kiwi Juice:

Kiwi contains very high amount of vitamin C and anti-oxidant which increases blood platelet count. Several studies have said that Kiwi is more effective than all fruits to prevent dengue. Grind two Kiwi and mix it in one cup of water and filter it by drinking platelet count grows faster.

12. Orange juice:

In orange juice, there are lots of anti-oxidants which block free radical damages. Drinking orange juice helps in urinary exits which in result leaving all toxic substances out. There are much orange juice present in the market, if you want, you can make it at home too.

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