Know health benefits of Pan Leaves, Cure 10 types of diseases with this medicinal leaf

Betel leaf or commonly known as PAAN in India is a delightful appetizer for Indians. The Betel Leaf is consumed with sweet mixture (Gulkand) inside it or with the areca nut and tobacco.

The Leaf of Paan is also used in desserts and shakes which is refreshing in summers. We have a guided video of the refreshing Paan Shot to make quickly at home for you and your loved ones.

Apart from the exhilarating drink and delightful desserts, the betel leaf has medical benefits and is a quick healer for many ailments.

Some Health Benefit Of Pan Leaves

1. Use Pan leaves as Antiseptic

Do you know that we can not only use Pan Leaf in the food, but we can use it as an antiseptic. You can also use it in small thick scratches or injuries. By binding it in injury and scratches, you will get relief from it.

2. Nose bleeding

If your nose gets blown, then you do not have to panic at all. For this, you will just have to smell the leaf of the pan. By doing so, your nose bleeding will stop. Get more health tips at your fingertip.

3. Red eyes

If you wake up at night for some reason or you are tired, sometimes your eyes become radiant red. For this, you have to boil the leaves of the pan in water and sprinkle the same water on the eyes. Doing this will get you relief.

4. A sore throat or Change of Voice 

If the sound of your voice is becoming thick, you should eat the pan for it. This will make your voice slim. Drinks of Pan water solves your throat problems.

5. Bleeding gums

You may have seen frequent bleeding in the gums of some people. If you have such problem, you get relief from rinse with boiled pan water for this purpose. You can also do gargle with pan water.

6. Solve problem of bronchitis with Pan Leaves

If you have a problem of bronchitis, then boil 7 pan leaves by adding sugar with 1 glass of water. When this glass is left open, then take it three times a day. Doing so gives benefits in bronchitis.

7. Cough problem

If you have cough problem, then you have to boil the leaves of the paan with the sugar mixture and then have to drink it later. This eliminates the problem of your phlegm.

8. Body odor

If the body smells excess more than others, then you have to boil two leaves of the pan and take this water in the afternoon. This will end your problem.

9. Itching

If you have itching problem, then you can get rest in the bath with boiled water from the pan leaves.

10. Inflammation in swollen breasts

It is often seen that women who breastfeed, have swollen breasts. In such a way, you keep warm coconut oil in the pan and massage with this oil.

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