Surprising health benefits of cow ghee, check out No. 10

It is a common belief that Ghee adds fat to your body. That’s why people start to avoid Ghee in their diet. But you’ll get surprised after knowing that Cow ghee is considered to be one of the healthiest dairy products in India.

Because of its numerous health benefits and improvising the taste of any dish, Ghee is found in every Indian’s Kitchen.

Surprising health benefits of cow ghee

Low In Fat

A research shows that Ghee is a good source of healthy fats as it is made up of saturated fat. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol from the body. Ghee is better than butter as it is low in fat.


Ghee contains fatty acids that are directly absorbed by the liver and burnt as energy. With just one tbsp of Ghee, you can get 470 kilocalories of energy. Consume before exercising to get the benefit.

Provides Essential Vitamins

Ghee contains abundance amount of vitamins A, D, E and K, which are fat-soluble vitamins. They play an important role in the immune system functioning of the heart, brain, and bones. It also has loads of dietary fats that help your body absorb these essential vitamins and make use of them.


Ghee has the properties that improve your digestive tract. It contains butyric acid that acts as intestinal bacteria and a good appetite.

Helps In The Treatment Of Burns

For treatment of burns, using ghee is one of the great natural remedies. We can also use ghee to reduce inflammation of the skin by applying directly to the affected area. Use ghee to treat swelling of the body.


Butyric acid found in Ghee enhance the production of T cell in the body. T cell works to boost the immune system to fight against allergens and foreign particles that enter the body.


From ancient times, Ghee is used as a natural moisturizer that makes skin softer and soother. It enhances the beauty of our body if applied regularly. Use ghee on the scalp to improve hair growth and for shiny hair. Cow Ghee can be an effective remedy for dry lips.

Improves Eyesight

According to our ancient Ayurveda medicine, Ghee has a property that improves the eyesight. Eating it regularly can give you an eye with good vision. Smear a bit of ghee under the eye for irritation.

Note: It is advised not to put ghee in your eyes. due to adulteration reason.

Beneficial In Treating Cough

Cow Ghee has been used as an old remedy for treating cough and cold. Eat a tablespoon of Ghee with warm turmeric milk before sleeping for the soothing result. You can also massage your chest with hot Ghee for a dry cough.

Positively Affects The Mind And Mood

Eating Desi Cow Ghee will not only cheer up our mood because of its mindblowing taste but also because of its chemical composition that affects the hormonal system of the body.

Helps In Weight Loss

Helping in burning the stubborn fat, Ghee consist of the short-chain saturated fat. It also has Vitamin K-2 that do not let calcium deposit which helps regulate the blood flow.

Suitable For Pregnant Ladies

The suitable dietry element in Ayurveda since birth considered beneficial for all age group. The tender and the vulnerable, mother and the fetus are preferred to consume ghee post-natal. For the longevity, strength and improvising intelligence and memory ghee is beneficial in every aspect.

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