Autism: Awareness And Facts That Children Tend To Be Food Allergic

April is the world autism month!

A very common disorder, Autism In Children, which we cannot understand which lately develops acuter in adulthood. This results in difficulty facing daily life challenges. First of all, let’s know the characteristics of the disorder followed by some facts. In addition to the risk factor, we will know the symptoms too. Furthermore, we will understand the actions to be noticed and therapies to cure it.

The noteworthy condition of autism is characterized by

  • speech and nonverbal communication
  • social skills
  • unique strengths and differences.disordr
  • relevantly repetitive behaviors.

Let’s know some quick facts about autism:

  • Almost one-third of the population can remain nonverbal.
  • Around one-third of the population can have an intellectual disability.
  • The rate prevalences almost around 1 out of 68 children. Which is around 1 of 42 boys and 1 out of 189 girls in number?


The clear indication of autism include:

  • anxiety and phobias.
  • seizures.
  • attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.
  • And, sleep disturbances.

Since we know quick facts let’s diagnose the characteristics. Autism In Children can be diagnosed at the age of 2 or 3 as early as possible.

So, we button down the causes of the autism are as :

  • Genetic risk factor: If a parent has certain changes in the genes and are carried during the pregnancy, the chances are there for a child to have autism(even if the parent does not have autism). While it can also be carried forward through ancestors.
  • Environmental risk factor: This situation occurs in pregnancy stage. Due to complicated pregnancy like:

1. Low birth weight.

2.extreme prematurity.

3. consequently multiple pregnancies

4. Avance age of a parent (either of any).

5. Also, Pregnancy to next pregnancy duration less than on year.

Consequently, there are decreased the risk of autism so, if taken certain measures :

  • During pregnancy, you must consume a balance amount of folic acid.
  • Vaccines: People with the myth of vaccination causing autism is wave off through research. They especially researched for decades to clearly indicate that since there is no relation between childhood vaccine and autism. You can therefore fearlessly give vaccines

Furthermore comes the first concern: therefore, noticing action and understanding the signs are important.

  • Prefers to be alone.
  • Avoiding eye contact.
  • Unable to understand other’s feelings.
  • Delayed language development or non-verbality.
  • Repetitive behaviors spinning, rocking or flapping.
  • Repetition of words and phrases.
  • Also, unusual reaction to tastes, lights, colors, sounds, textures.

Relevantly, after you know the signs you must get your child screening and prescribe a health provider for medication and therapies.

Children Tend To have Food Allergies

When some food triggers and causes reaction to the immunity dangerously can occur into food allergies. Eating a certain type of food may react as food poisoning, vomiting, rashes or swelling of the skin.

Researchers revealed that most common food allergies are found in the children suffering from the Autism Spectrum Disorder are 11.25%, whereas the normal children were only 4.25% diagnosed. Children with ASD tend to suffer double the allergic problem.

ASD along with affecting the immunity also affects the interactive and communicative ability. The Poor Children can’t explain the problem they are going through and deal with it own their own until noticed and diagnosed.


Ideally, parents, teachers, and therapists will all work with same or less integration together, for the approach of the child’s daily life. Children and also an adult with autism have a wide range of therapies. Which include:

  • speech-language therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • feeding therapy
  • behavior therapy
  •  And, social skills training

Therapies and supports for adults:

  • Community-based services.
  • vocational services,
  • home-based  services,
  •  Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) best suited for those who have problem communicate through verbal or nonverbal means.
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) includes the Early Start Denver Model, Pivotal Response Therapy and JASPER(Joint Attention, Symbolic Play, Engagement, and Regulation).
Adults severely affected by autism may need more-extensive supports.

The more you understand your strength and needs the more you recover quickly. Most of all, therapies for adults and children require a lot of encouragement from parents.

These therapies also include the play-based interactive program. While, these programs encourage shared communication, attention and joint. Since these specific programs are helpful in improvising, eradicate the disorder, some specialist also holds specialization in certain therapies.

Also, these specialists have different sections which are:

  • The physical therapists
  • The occupational therapists
  • Also, the speech-language pathologists and many more.

Do notice every detail that your child does. We understand that your child is unique but the uniqueness should be developed in a positive way. Autism In Children have to be taken care of and the most important thing to look upon is the food allergies they are facing.

Autism In Children tend to make them quite, so treat them with love and make them speak about their problems.

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