An Extreme Migraine Is More Common Among Women. Why?

An Extreme migraine Is More Common Among Women. Why?

An Extreme Migraine Is More Common Among Women. Why?: Women are more of a caretaker and manager of their family. They are trying to maintain a standard at work and trying to be a perfect wife after the work.

Over 72 percent of married women are working outside the home with their children. In India, it was meant that the job of women is to manage their house and husbands to earn for them. But, as India is becoming a developing country with open-minded people in it, women started working and handling their responsibilities after work hours.

As women progress through their life, im-balancing takes place on their hormones. With premenstrual and menopausal changes can lead to depression, stress, and migraine. Women usually find it harder to say ‘no’ to others as they feel guilty if they can’t fulfill their needs. According to a research, one out of every three women suffers a migraine. A migraine refers to a primary headache disorder.

A study found that women are not only among stress but they are biologically different than men and carries more chances of stress-related cells. Mast cells, a white type of blood cell that controls the stress-related health. Women are more vulnerable to certain stress-related diseases such as a migraine. Stress-related health issues are typically more common in women such as allergic disorders, autoimmune, migraines or IBS.

Causes of migraine

1. Parents
2. Pressure, physical, mental
3. Personality
4. Unbalanced food
5. Waves
6. Too many traveling
7. Head and neck injuries
8. Blood Pressure
9. Influence of harmonics
10. The effect of other medicines

Adam Moeser, Associate professor at Michigan State University said that “Over 8000 different expressing genes are found in female mast cells than male mast cells”. An increase in activity that is linked to the production and storage of inflammatory substances was found in the RNA genome(primary building block in all forms of life). These are the substances by which an aggressive effect may take place in the body, which leads to a migraine or disease.

“This could explain the reason why women, or men, are more or less vulnerable to certain types of diseases,” said Adam Moeser. While this understanding helps in developing new sex-specific treatments by the scientists.

Some Changes In Diet May Help

  • Migraine sufferers should drink plenty of liquid, such as soup, lemon water, coconut water, buttermilk, lassi etc.
  • Eat fruits and green vegetables a lot
  • Take a small amount of salt. Half a teaspoon of salt is enough throughout the day because most food items themselves have salt.
  • Avoid taking tea, coffee, and cold drinks etc. By taking this migraine can be increased.
  • Avoid alcohol and chocolate intake. These also cause a headache.
  • Extremely oil-spiced food and fasting also cause migraine problems so avoid it.
  • Due to some types of things, eating too much salt and processed meat, migraine can also increase.
  • Avoid food items, processed, canned and yeast (pizza, burger, cookies, roasters, etc.).

Thus, the whole study explains itself why women suffer more from a migraine than the men and several stress-related diseases.

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